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30 November 2015 @ 07:54 pm
Fifty Thousand For My Success  
Alright, so it's over, I made it. I completed NaNoWriMo and I'm officially a winner! My novel is called Glamour Tricks, and in just 29 days I came in clean at 50,229 words. Needless to say, I feel very excited and pretty accomplished. Even though I reached the end of my novel, I still felt that there was more of the story to be told, so after I make my revisions, I plan on writing a follow-up novel. Believe it or not, I've already got people who are excited to read my novel, mostly family and my boyfriend, but I'm seriously honored that they've been so supportive of me this whole time.

Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I can focus on getting ready to Christmas shop majorly for everyone, especially my son. Speaking of, I just took advantage of a great deal this morning and bought all 8 of the Harry Potter movies on blu-Ray for just $35 bucks, and I intend to give Zak the first two movies for Christmas along with everything else I'm getting for him.

I celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday with my son, my boyfriend, and the rest of my family. Overall, our celebration was fantastic, and a highlight of my evening was my son saying his first word, "Yay!" while clapping. That was something that I initially started doing a few weeks back, I would clap and say, "Yay!" or "Yay, Zak!" So I suppose my sweet son picked up on it! It was very obvious and very cute to hear and see him say that.
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