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01 November 2015 @ 06:22 pm
Zak's First Halloween!  
John, my mom, my son Zak, and I, decided to celebrate Halloween together at my mom's big house. The road trip there was interesting, as John was operating on just a few hours of sleep, and I was so alert time seemed to be moving faster. It was raining and the roads were slick, so I had to drive extra carefully, but I have a really nice SUV and 4WD, so we were safe. I got teary about seven minutes before we arrived at my mom's, and I actually did cry a lot, just remembering everything I had to go through after I gave birth to my son in the hospital and how they tried to tear my family apart. I calmed down once we all got inside, and my mom gave me a hug and was like, "It's okay, Heather, your son is fine." John and I immediately got Zak dressed in the costume I bought for him, a ninja costume. Oh my goodness, did he look adorable!

I put my costume on, too (I was a devil with red wings and horns).

My son's favorite movie is August Rush, and for a 9-month-old, he really seems like a grown up when he watches, firstly because of how attentive he is and next because of his responses to the movie. He smiles, laughs, stares, and claps. We've not seen him pay attention to any other movie or show as much as he does this. It's really the cutest thing.

After the movie was over and we watched it in Spanish for a while, we grown-ups had some candy and watched "Angel Boy," an episode of Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories that we all found hilarious and ridiculous. My mom ordered pizza and wings from Papa John's while John and I continued watching episodes of Bedtime Stories. Zak crawled around and stood up and played in his play pen, looking so darn cute. Finally, the pizza arrived and we grown-ups chowed down and enjoyed candy and Dr. Pepper for dessert. We only had one trick-or-treater, a nine-year-old girl who was dressed as a ninja, too. My mom's house is the biggest in her neighborhood, so it may be intimidating.

John logged in to my Netflix account on the blu-Ray player and selected Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow for all of us to watch as Zak rested. It was pretty nice being able to watch it again, since it had been quite a few years since I'd seen it. After a while, Zak woke up, so I decided I'd feed him dinner and let him have his Halloween treats. First, I gave him a bottle of organic mango juice, which he guzzled down quickly in delight, then I let him have some cereal with mango juice mixed in. Yogurt was his final treat, and he liked that as well. I let him finish up the bottle of mango juice, then he sat between me and John on the couch and watched the rest of the movie with us.

I had a lot of fun yesterday, but more importantly, my son did, too, and he got to enjoy some new things and dress up for his first Halloween! I'd say it went well. My son is a little angel and I love him more than anything else in this world! It was so cute to see how happy he got when he first tasted the mango juice. He got a little hyper! So cute.

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year and I've already got something good that I've been typing. I'll give more updates on my story when the time is right. This is something I'm really excited about and it's my goal to complete writing the crux of my novel by the end of the month.
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