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Enchanting ❤ Mistress

{May All the Lovely Things Find Me}

30 September
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Hi, & welcome! You've just come across the journal of a unique, 30-year-old mother of an amazing baby boy! I love all things magical and whimsical, & I'm looking to make new friends here who share my ideas about life; from hot sex, to ouija boards, & family life!
Some of my posts will be public, & some will be friends-only, meaning locked so that only those who are my mutual friends may read said posts. If there's anything you want to know about me, just ask. Otherwise, feel free to add me as a friend to get access to my more secretive entries.
I design my own layouts & create my own icons & even mood themes at times, but when the occasion arises for me to show credit for any of these items (if I ever use any created by someone else), check this "resources" section for details and full credits related to them. Icons are credited on my icons page. Current layout design by: minty_peach; customized by me.
My real name is Heather, I'm really 30 years old, & I'm a stay-at-home mom; my son, my baby boy Zak, who's 1 year old, is an angel & my daily motivation to enjoy living. I'm engaged to the love of my life, who is a ginger (^_^) & the father of my baby; he's an animator.